Births + Baptism


In the event of a birth or adoption to a church member’s family, please contact Julie Donley in our Congregational Care office. Births and adoptions are listed on our weekly prayer list. You can find that list on our Online Worship page.

Other helpful contacts:
  • Rosebuds & Cradle Crosses
    Births and adoptions of members are listed in our worship service bulletins and rosebuds are placed on the baptismal font in honor of newborn children. Newborn children receive a cradle cross from Children’s Ministry, the rosebud placed on the font in their honor, and a copy of the worship bulletin listing their name. For more information or for birth notifications, please contact Julie Donley at 615.324.7254.


As a United Methodist Church, we practice the sacrament of infant baptism. Though it is most frequently done between one and six months, baptism can be performed at any age. Contact Haley Durham to schedule a baptism.

Other helpful information:
  • What is baptism?
    The United Methodist Church has many resources that explain the sacrament of baptism.
  • Why do we baptize at different ages?
    The United Methodist Church has many resources explaining why we baptize people at different ages, including infants.