Faith After Doubt

Mondays beginning January 24, 1-2:30 p.m., via Zoom

Got questions? Wandering the desert? Feeling full of doubt?You are not crazy; and you are not alone! Faith these days challenges us to remain ‘spiritually curious’ and intellectually ‘honest’. To do so may bring us to wander in the ‘shadow’ of questioning and doubt…perhaps lost for a bit…later, hopefully emerging into something more mature and fruitful! We will be reading Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward and Brian McLaren’s newest book, Faith after Doubt. And while we won’t ‘fix’ your doubts, we will explore what it means to use them as a place of growth. To ensure our ‘safety’ on the journey, we will be accompanied by Rev. Dr. Jeff Wilson. Join us for this study led by Judith Bone and Rev. Dr. Jeff Wilson.