Immigration Task Force Webinar: Emily Baird Crisohon, TIRCC

March 24, 12-1 p.m., via Zoom

The United Methodist Church has Social Principles on Immigration and seeks to care for persons who migrate to the United States of America. Join us for our monthly interactive and informative lunch and learn as we explore some of the intersections between our faith and immigration issues in our current world. Join us as we hear some lived experience stories, perhaps from a perspective that differs from our own, as well as an opportunity for Q&A discussion. It will be an hour of fellowship, learning and hope.

Emily Baird Crisohon of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) will be leading this month’s discussion, entitled “Transformative Conversations.” This training will seek to equip community leaders to effectively engage others in difficult conversations. Transformative conversations are not always second nature, and they like most things, require forethought and practice. Join us in learning how to productively engage with others in a way that doesn’t compromise relationship.