May 10, 2017

The Boldness of a Mother’s Love

May 10
The Boldness of a Mother’s Love

Daily Reading
Matthew 20:17-28
Psalm 100
This week’s sermon text: James 3:1-12

Field Notes
Today’s scripture reminds us of the remarkable love of a mother. These two sons of Zebedee, for whatever reason, don’t ask Jesus for a place of prominence. But their mother will!

She begs Jesus for her sons to rule with him in the new kingdom. We might think this request is a little presumptuous, or a little too bold and forthright. Our southern manners might call this display a little crass. But Jesus, I think, sees this for what it is – a mother’s love that would do anything for her sons.

And so Jesus uses this as a teaching moment – a way to teach his disciples that while this mother’s love is great, God’s love is even greater. The woman might have done away with protocol or decorum, but God gives away even more in his pursuit of his children – his only Son.

Questions for the Field

  • Think and meditate on the boldness of God’s love for us.
  • Are there any bold actions of love that God is nudging you toward taking?

Family Field Talk

  • Who is someone that reminds you of God’s love?

Prayer Guide
Loving God, you love us completely. Give us your love in our own hearts that we might love boldly and loudly in your name. Through Jesus Christ we pray, amen.