At the heart of our philosophy of giving is a commitment to be good stewards of our God-given resources. We want to be intentional as a church in placing our lives and resources before God as an offering of praise and shared sacrifice.

As members of the church, we commit to supporting the mission and ministries of BUMC through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Each year we ask our members to commit their tithes and offerings for the coming year in support of the church's ministry and mission.

Here are some ways you can practice good stewardship:

  • Pray about your giving regularly to God's mission and ministry through BUMC.
  • Have a goal to tithe 10 percent of your income. Until then, consider increasing your giving as you are able. If you've never given, offer a first-time gift. (Online commitment form further down this page.)
  • Be faithful in your attendance in worship each week you are in town.
  • Consider how you will be intentional in mission and service. This could be by using your spiritual gifts.

Make an Online Commitment

The online commitment form allows you to share your pledged giving plans digitally with our Finance Team. All commitments made online are kept confidential. The button below will redirect you to the commitment form. Upon completion of the commitment form, you will be redirected to our giving portal, where you can set up your online giving schedule. You will also receive an email confirmation of your online commitment.

What Do You Have a Heart For?

As humans made in the image of God, we have a heart for what God has a heart for. This can look different for each person. It might be empowering children and youth, caring for the elderly, serving neighbors in need, or seeking justice for the downtrodden. Sharing what you have a heart for allows us to keep track of the heartbeat of our community and seek new and innovative ways to live out our mission to make disciples in 2023.

FAQs of Stewardship & Giving

Our annual stewardship campaign is targeted at raising general operating funds for the church. These funds are vital for day-to-day operations, making it possible for Brentwood UMC to fulfill its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Operating funds provide opportunities for BUMC members to practice discipleship 24/7.

  • What is the 2022 Operating Budget?

    The Finance Committee developed and presented the budget of $6,907,500 which the Church Council approved earlier this year. Pledged giving is budgeted to bring in $4,150,000 by year-end through 620 commitments, and the remainder of the budget is funded through non-pledged giving. Through September, we have received $2,674,000 in pledged giving. The 2023 budget is presently being considered in light of current conditions, but we expect it to be similar to 2022.

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the church finances?

    Through the generosity of our congregation, our giving has remained steady in 2020 and 2021 in spite of the pandemic, and we expect the same will be true for 2022. We are continuing to closely monitor our expenses and income. COVID-19 has impacted the way we do ministry, but our mission and ministry remain strong and impactful!

  • Why do you need to know my financial commitment pledge since I am already giving?

    We appreciate the generosity of our members, and we celebrate consistent giving! The annual stewardship campaign raises awareness among our members of the significance of their ongoing support and invites them to make a yearly commitment to invest in our ministries and programs for the upcoming year. Your pledge helps us better plan for ministry and more accurately plan our budget.

  • How can I support programs like South Africa Outreach, Disaster Relief, Benevolence Ministry, or other wonderful ministries?

    We refer to these gifts as designated or second-mile gifts. The Communion offerings, as well as other special offerings throughout the year, are considered designated gifts because the donations are distributed to the specific programs set out in the appeal. These types of gifts are valuable and very much appreciated even though they do not count toward an individual’s annual commitment.

  • What if I experience a job loss or health crisis that makes it challenging to fulfill my commitment?

    Life happens. If your circumstances change, and if you are comfortable, please contact our Finance Department or Leslie Hotzfeld, our Executive Director. Not only will this give us an opportunity to pray for better days for you but will also make us aware of the possible change in your financial support.

  • What size gift is expected?

    Any size gift matters because it is from you and because it is used to love God, serve people, and transform lives. Remember the story of the widow and her two copper coins in Luke 21:1-4? We recognize that the choice to support our church ministries is a very personal choice and a covenant between you and God, and we thank you for your generosity.

  • What are the ways I can give?

    We provide a variety of giving options:


    You can safely and securely set up a recurring or one-time gift on Pushpay, our online giving platform.


    Give from your mobile device any time by texting BrentwoodUMC to 833.245.6475. You will receive a text directing you to our online giving platform through Pushpay. You can also give on our mobile app, which you can download by texting BrentwoodUMC App to 833.245.6475 or by searching Brentwood UMC on the App Store or Google Play Store.


    Make giving a part of your worship experience by placing your contribution in the offering plate. Use a giving envelope found in the pew racks to ensure you receive giving credit for cash donations.


    Mail your gift to our Finance Department (Brentwood UMC, 309 Franklin Road, Brentwood, TN 37027 Attn: Finance Department)


    Stock gifts can be processed through Merrill Lynch on behalf of BUMC. For more information, the Finance Department can be reached at or 615.324.8214. Any time you do a stock transfer, please notify the Finance Department of the type and number of shares so that we can properly credit your contribution account.


    You can give your Required Minimum Distribution from a retirement account to take advantage of the tax benefit. You can also give through your charitable trust. Talk to your account’s broker for more information. Make sure to alert the finance department at or 615.324.8214 if you have decided to give in this way.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

An important part of giving is giving of your gifts and talents. If you do not yet know your spiritual gifts, or if you are unsure how they've matured over time, we have this resource available to you throughout the year. This assessment is a series of 88 multiple choice questions that will help you identify your spiritual gifts. Plan to spend 15-20 minutes answering the questions. After finishing the assessment, you’ll get immediate feedback listing your top spiritual gifts. This assessment can help you in considering where you might serve with the gifts God has given you.