How can you share your gifts to build up the Body of Christ? Understanding that everything we have comes from God, we give out of gratitude for our blessings and to support God’s work through the church.

At the heart of our philosophy of giving is a commitment to be good stewards of our God-given resources. We want to be intentional as a church in placing our lives and resources before God as an offering of praise and shared sacrifice.

As members of the church, we commit to supporting the mission and ministries of BUMC through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Each year we ask our members to commit their tithes and offerings for the coming year in support of the church's ministry and mission.

Here are some ways you can practice good stewardship:

  • Pray about your giving regularly to God's mission and ministry through BUMC.
  • Have a goal to tithe 10 percent of your income. Until then, consider increasing your giving as you are able. If you've never given, offer a first-time gift. (Online commitment form further down this page.)
  • Be faithful in your attendance in worship each week you are in town.
  • Consider how you will be intentional in mission and service. This could be by using your spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

This assessment is a series of 88 multiple choice questions that will help you identify your spiritual gifts. Plan to spend 15-20 minutes answering the questions. After finishing the assessment, you’ll get immediate feedback listing your top spiritual gifts. This assessment can help you in considering where you might serve with the gifts God has given you.

Make an Online Commitment

The online commitment form allows you to share your pledged giving plans digitally with our Finance Team. All commitments made online are kept confidential. The button below will redirect you to the commitment form. Upon completion of the commitment form, you will be redirected to our giving portal, where you can set up your online giving schedule. You will also receive an email confirmation of your online commitment.