Find Care

We offer many ways for you to find Christian care for a number of life's struggles. On this page, you'll find resources for emergency care, prayer requests, individual care, and group care. In the event of an emergency, contact the pastor-on-call at 615.969.3086. Please leave a message, and a pastor will call you back within 10-15 minutes.

There are also many ways to provide Christian care to our friends and neighbors in need. Learn more about ways you can serve.

Emergency Care

+ Pastor On Call

If you’re in need of urgent pastoral care (death of a family member, emergency hospitalizations, or other crises), please call the pastor-on-call at 615.969.3086. Leave a message, and a pastor will return your call within 10-15 minutes.

+ Emergency Financial and Food Assistance

Please call 615.324.7255 for further information.

+ Domestic Violence during COVID-19

Avoiding public spaces and working remotely can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but for many survivors, staying home may not be the safest option. We know that any external factors that add stress and financial strain can negatively impact survivors and create circumstances where their safety is further compromised. If any of the above sounds like they may be happening to you or someone you love, you are not alone (from the National Domestic Violence Hotline).

The YWCA 24-hour Crisis + Support Helpline is available 24/7 at 1.800.334.4628 or by texting 615.983.5170.

Prayer Requests

Online prayer requests are shared with the pastoral team and, when indicated, with the email prayer team. Click the button below to fill out our online prayer request and let us know how we can be in prayer for you. Public prayer requests are included in each week's prayer concerns for our church community to prayer over. In the event of an emergency, contact the pastor-on-call at 615.969.3086. Please leave a message, and a pastor will call you back.

Pastoral Care

If you are struggling and think you would benefit from one-on-one or group pastoral care, one of our pastors would be glad to connect with you. Let us know what's going on, and a pastor will follow up soon. These requests are confidential and will only be shared with our clergy.

Individual Care

  • Births + Adoptions

    Births and adoptions are listed in our worship service bulletins. The Sunday following a birth, a rosebud is placed on the baptismal font in honor of a newborn child. In the event of a birth or adoption to a church member’s family, please contact Julie Donley, Congregational Care Administrative Support, at

  • BUMC Counseling Center

    Independent counseling center on the BUMC campus

    The BUMC Counseling Center is a unique collaboration between Brentwood United Methodist Church and psychotherapists in private practice. The therapists at the BUMC Counseling Center are not employees of the church. They were recruited to relocate their practices to the Counseling Center in order to support BUMC's commitment to making mental health resources available for children, youth, adults, couples, and families in Williamson County and the surrounding communities.

  • Care When You Are Sick

    Prayer before surgery, hospital visits, rehab visits, hospice care, prayer shawls

    NOTICE: Due to HIPAA laws, hospitals do not inform the church when its members are admitted. If a member is scheduled to have surgery, is hospitalized, being moved to a rehab facility, or transitioning to hospice care, please fill out a prayer request form.  In the case of an emergency on the weekend or after regular church office hours, contact the pastor-on-call at 615.969.3086. Please leave a message, and a pastor will call you back.

    Prayer Before Surgery

    The moments before a surgery can be stressful. Your pastors are honored to be with you in those anxious moments. A member of the pastoral staff at BUMC will meet you when you arrive for surgery at an area hospital. They will pray with you and visit with you and your family while you wait.


    Hospital Visits

    Being sick can be scary and exhausting. It can be lonely and overwhelming. The pastoral staff of BUMC visits area hospitals on a regular and rotating basis during the week to offer prayer and spiritual support.


    Rehab Visits

    After a hospital stay, many people transition to a rehabilitation center to gain strength and skills before heading home. BUMC pastors continue to visit in rehab, but visits are less frequent.


    Hospice Care and End of Life

    In situations of death or impending death, pastors should be notified so that they may offer presence, prayer, and support. Pastors can serve as guides to make plans and anticipate a new reality with the family.


    Prayer Shawl Ministry

    The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets weekly to knit prayer shawls and prayer squares to be given to those who are sick or hurting and in need of a tangible reminder that God is always with them, loving and caring for them. Pastors often share these with those who are hospitalized or on hospice care as an extension of the church’s love and God’s presence. Contact Julie Donley at to request a prayer shawl for yourself or someone you know in need.

  • Domestic Abuse

    Domestic violence is not just about hitting. It can take many forms through the use of power and control. Abuse can look like coercion and threats, intimidation, isolation, minimizing or denying a partner’s feelings, and blaming the victim for abusive behavior. If you or a loved one are afraid of a partner’s temper, please feel free to contact one of our pastors or counselors:

    Rev. Casey Orr, 615.324.7244 or

  • GraceNotes Ministries

    Volunteers write to recipients once a month on a rotating basis and stationery is provided. Their job is to bring a little sunshine into the lives of those that may not see much of it these days. Contact Julie Donley at to make a request.

  • Healing Housing

    Addiction recovery care for women in Williamson County

    Healing Housing is Williamson County’s first and only transitional living home for women in recovery from addiction. Opened in early 2017, Healing Housing’s two homes provide a safe, supportive environment where women who have completed drug treatment can continue to grow in their sobriety.

    The faith-based program offers life-changing opportunities for women in need, including access to counseling, life skills training, savings programs, individualized healing plans, required outside employment, money management & budgeting courses, mandatory guided 12-step work, opportunities for weekly Bible study, community involvement, and mentorship.

  • LGBTQ Pastoral Care

    BUMC is a place where all people have a home to follow Christ. We also know that many in the LGBTQ community (and/or their loved ones) have been hurt by churches or have felt isolated within faith communities. If you (or a loved one) identify as LGBTQ, and you need a safe space to tell your story or work through questions, contact Rev. Casey Orr at 615.324.7244 or to set up an appointment.

  • Parish Nurse Ministry

    The Parish Nurse Ministry provides holistic health-related services to individuals, family members, and neighbors. Key services include counseling, patient advocacy, coordination of health-related education, connecting people with available community resources and nursing care facilities. All information shared is strictly confidential. Contact Dottie Campbell RN/BSN at to learn more.

  • Stephen Ministry

    Stephen Ministers are members of our church who have received extensive training and provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to people who are dealing with health crises and other difficulties. They will listen, care, encourage, pray with and for you, and provide weekly support for you as long as your need persists. Call 615.577.4881 to reach the Stephen Ministry Hotline.

  • Visitation Ministry

    Do you know someone who can no longer attend church on a regular basis and would appreciate a friendly face reaching out to them? The Visitation Ministry has screened and trained volunteers who make monthly visits and phone calls to our home-centered members and extend Christian love and fellowship, serve Communion, and help maintain the connection to our church family.

Group Care

  • Adult ADHD/ADD Support Group

    First & Third Mondays, 6:30-8 p.m., Room A392

    Offers workshops for spouses of adults with ADHD/ADD. Contact Terry Huff at 615.627.4191.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Support Groups

    Monday – Friday, 11:30 a.m., Buchanan House Room 102

    Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 a.m., Buchanan House Room 102

    Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 p.m., Buchanan House Room 101

    Men’s Prime Time: Fridays, 7 p.m., Buchanan House Room 101

    Women Only: Mondays, 9 a.m., Buchanan House Room 102 

  • Al-Anon Support Group

    Meets Tuesdays, 7 pm, Buchanan House Room 101

    Contact Peggy M at 615.373.1952 or Linda G at 615.376.7723 to learn more.

  • ALS Support Group

    Third Thursdays of the month, 1-2:30 p.m., Room A391

    This is a Nashville Area ALS patient and caregiver support group. Light refreshments are provided. Contact Patty Lane or Stephanie Nitti to RSVP.

  • Alzheimer’s Support Group

    Second Tuesdays of the month, 7 p.m., Room A389

    A support group for caregivers, friends, and family of persons with Alzheimer’s and other memory loss. Contact Sue Dowling 615.970.8393 to learn more.

  • Career Transitions

    Meets Mondays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Haney Hall

    Career Transitions helps people who are in-between jobs or looking for a career change by offering weekly presentations focused on the latest job search techniques. This free community resource is led by business professionals who have expertise in Nashville's job market and contemporary job search techniques.

  • CoDA Support Group

    Meets Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. - Buchanan House Room 101

    Co-Dependents Anonymous is a program of recovery from co-dependence, where each person may share their experience, strength, and hope in an effort to find freedom where there has been bondage and peace where there has been turmoil in our relationships with others and ourselves. Contact: Tom B. at 615.308.1041 or visit to learn more.

  • Divorce Recovery

    This 7-week series deals with issues of adjusting to change, stages of grieving, forgiveness, children’s issues, and rebuilding healthy relationships.

    No groups planned at this time.

  • Grief Care

    Suffering the death of someone we love is often shocking and almost always overwhelming.  Our culture insists that we "bounce back", but our grief is important and speaking about it can bring healing. This 4-week class is a time where we will confront our grief, grow to understand it and take steps toward healing with others on the journey.

    Contact Casey Orr at to learn about upcoming groups.

  • Memory Loss Caregiver Respite: The Sunny Day Club®

    Tuesdays from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    The Sunny Day Club is a fellowship group for those who are experiencing the early stages of memory loss.  Club members must be able to care for and feed themselves, or caregivers may remain with them to care for their needs during the meeting. Registration is required. Contact: Katie Anderson at 615.370.9467 or to sign up.

  • Orphan, Foster, Adoption Ministry (OFAM)

    The Orphan, Foster, Adoption Ministry has a three-part focus of supporting families who are exploring and navigating the adoption process, encouraging BUMC foster families, and facilitating orphan care opportunities for our congregation. Contact Melissa Wyatt to learn more.