Lay Leadership

The mission and ministries of Brentwood United Methodist Church are made possible because of the dedication and service by our lay leadership. Lay leaders are role models of Christian discipleship, and our committees oversee the functions of the local church. We are proudly committed to developing leaders of all ages in our congregation. There are five committees that oversee our church functions: Board of Trustees, BUMC Foundation, Finance Committee, Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development, and Staff Parish Relations Committee. These committees serve for 3 years, with 3 committee members in each new class. In addition, we also name our lay members to Annual Conference, At-Large Church Council Members, and Church Council Officers.

How We Lead

  • Lead Team

    Led by the Senior Pastor, the Lead Team provides overall leadership for BUMC. This team is responsible for vision-casting; accountability, evaluation, and alignment of ministries; coordination of ongoing ministries; and serving as a catalyst for change within the greater body of Christ. The BUMC Lead Team is made up of Dr. Davis Chappell, Leslie Hotzfeld, Rev. Adam Jones, Rev. Casey Orr, James Wells, Marilyn Webb, and Lee Neumann.

  • Ministry Teams

    Led by staff and laity, ministry teams meet monthly for worship, visioning, and planning. They are responsible for developing and implementing the ministry action plan for the specific ministry area.

  • Church Council

    Made up of staff and laity, the Church Council is responsible for discerning and guiding major future initiatives and decisions; empowering the pastor and operational team to lead; and discerning the work of the Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, Staff-Parish Relations Committee, Committee on Nominations and the BUMC Foundation.

  • Elected Lay Leadership

    Consisting of teams and roles that serve in an advisory capacity, our elected lay leaders help to ensure the fiscal and operational health of BUMC and its other campuses. Our elected lay leadership teams include the Church Council, Associate Church Treasurer, lay members to Annual Conference, Board of Trustees, BUMC Foundation, Finance Committee, Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development, and Staff-Parish Relations Committee.

Leadership BUMC

Leadership BUMC is a course we provide each year to identify and train up potential future leaders in the church. Participants in Leadership BUMC are nominated by their peers, church staff, or clergy. Graduates of the Leadership BUMC course are then eligible to be nominated for our lay committees.

Are you interested in learning more about Leadership BUMC? Contact Marilyn Webb, lay leader, to learn more.

Basecamp Retreat

Each year, we host a daylong retreat for leaders on our lay committees, our ministry L3 teams, class leaders, and recent graduates of Leadership BUMC. This retreat is an opportunity to celebrate ministry growth over the last year and to reaffirm our common mission as leaders at BUMC.

The Summit

At the start of the new year, we host a summit for our various leaders and current participants of Leadership BUMC. This summit features a keynote speaker and encouragement in the face of leadership challenges.