Learn more about Brentwood United Methodist Church

  • What do you believe?

    We believe that:

    • All people are loved by God

    • God is Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

    • Jesus Christ is God’s Son and we trust him as our Lord and Savior

    • The Holy Spirit is active and present in the world

    • God’s grace exists in our lives before, during and after our acceptance of Christ as our Savior and that God’s grace works in us throughout our lives forming us into the image of Christ, individually and communally.

    • Scripture is God-inspired and our primary source of authority, we also rely on Reason, Tradition, and Experience in our learning and discernment.

    • Community and accountability are essential for spiritual formation.

    • God’s kingdom is both a present and future reality

    • The Church is the body of Christ at work in the world

    • The sacraments of baptism and holy communion are primary means of Grace

  • What are your service times and what should I expect?

    We will stream our two Sunday services at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. until further notice. 

  • How can I view past sermons?

    Watch or listen to our past sermons here.

  • Who is your senior pastor?

    Our senior pastor is Dr. Davis Chappell. He has been at BUMC since 2013, spending 30 years before that in ministry in North Georgia. Davis completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at Perkins School of Theology (Southern Methodist University) in 2008. His doctoral work was in the area of evangelism and church renewal. Davis is married to Sherre, and they have two grown children, Andrew and Hailey.

  • How do I become a member of BUMC?

    If you are considering membership at BUMC, we invite you to attend our Membership Matters class offered every few months throughout the year. You'll learn more about the church, get to know our pastors and staff, and discover what it means to be an active member of BUMC.

How We Lead

  • Lead Team

    Led by the Senior Pastor, the Lead Team provides overall leadership for BUMC. This team is responsible for vision-casting; accountability, evaluation, and alignment of ministries; coordination of ongoing ministries; and serving as a catalyst for change within the greater body of Christ. The BUMC Lead Team is made up of Dr. Davis Chappell, Leslie Hotzfeld, Dr. Laura Brantley, Rev. Allison Gossett, Susan Graham, and Lucille Nabors.

  • Ministry Teams

    Led by staff and laity, ministry teams meet monthly for worship, visioning, and planning. They are responsible for developing and implementing the ministry action plan for the specific ministry area.

  • Church Council

    Made up of staff and laity, the Church Council is responsible for discerning and guiding major future initiatives and decisions; empowering the pastor and operational team to lead; and discerning the work of the Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, Staff-Parish Relations Committee, Committee on Nominations and the BUMC Foundation.

  • Elected Lay Leadership

    Consisting of teams and roles that serve in an advisory capacity, our elected lay leaders help to ensure the fiscal and operational health of BUMC and its other campuses. Our elected lay leadership teams include the Church Council, Associate Church Treasurer, lay members to Annual Conference, Board of Trustees, BUMC Foundation, Finance Committee, Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development, and Staff-Parish Relations Committee. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our lay leaders have been asked to extend their time of service to January 2021.

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If you don't see your question here, we would love to chat with you about your specific request. You can submit a question using our contact form below, and we'll be in touch with you as soon as we can!