We use Ministry Platform as our member database that allows you to register and pay for events, view and pay your outstanding balances for trips and events that you have previously registered for, view your pledge balance and contribution statement, edit your household information, subscribe to emails, and more! The only requirement is to create an account with a username and password. If you have already created an account, click Login above to view your profile. If you have not yet created an account, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Go to the Ministry Platform Dashboard to create an account

Click the blue Create an account link on the dashboard to begin creating an account.


2. Provide your name, email address, and phone number

A valid email address is the only contact requirement to set up an account. A mobile phone number is not required. If you choose to include a mobile number, your account setup confirmation will come through as a text message instead of an email. If the email address you provided is already associated with a User Record, you will be directed to set a new password to recover your account.

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3. Create Your Account

After all required information has been input and you click 'Next,' you will see a message that reads "Check your email to finish setting up your account." If you included a mobile phone number, you would receive your confirmation as a text message instead of email.

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4. Confirm Your Account

Follow the link provided in your email or text message to confirm your account. Once you confirm your account, you will have the option to change the system-generated username and set a password. Confirmation links expire after 24 hours. If you have trouble receiving your confirmation email, please check your spam and junk folders.

5. Update Your Address and Photo

Once your account is active, go into your profile to add other information about your household, including your current address and a photo if you wish.

6. Register for Events, View Contributions, and More

Now you can easily register for events, view your contributions, manage your email subscriptions, and update household information. Visit our Widget Directory to see all of the available features.