May 12, 2017

An Unlikely Messenger

May 12, 2017
An Unlikely Messenger

Daily Reading
Acts 7:1-16
Psalm 31:1-5
This week’s sermon text: James 3:1-12

Field Notes
If we read further on from today’s scripture, we know that Stephen’s speech in front of the religious leaders was not ultimately successful. Stephen would end up being stoned to death for his testimony of Christ.

But Stephen’s speech is powerful in another way because it reminds us of God’s abiding presence in the lives of all people. Stephen did not try to argue with the authorities; he didn’t try to offer them incontrovertible proof that Christ was who he said he was. Instead Stephen simply tells them the story of their faith. It’s a reminder to them that despite all of the best laid plans of human beings, God uses the most unlikely people in the most unlikely of circumstances to accomplish salvation.

This was Stephen’s own testimony – that God would use him and his death to speak the truth of the gospel to the world.

Questions for the Field

  • What unlikely people or circumstances might God be trying to speak to you through?

Family Field Talk

  • Have you ever heard God speak to you in an unexpected way?

Prayer Guide

God, you are constantly speaking to us; give us ears to hear and minds to understand. Through Jesus we pray, amen.