May 27, 2017


May 27, 2017

Daily Reading
John 8:21-30
Psalm 93
This week’s sermon text: James 4:13-17

Field Notes
In the preceding text, Jesus has forgiven a woman caught in adultery and says, “I am the light of the world.” People continued to ask questions about his identity and what his words meant. He is an enigma, as someone once said, a madman, or the Messiah. He speaks about his reliance on the Father and his relationship with God. He speaks so passionately and convincingly that many people believe.

In two of his recent books, “Making Sense of the Bible” and “Creed,” Rev. Adam Hamilton talks about belief and faith as choices that we make.

“In the end I cannot prove to you that there is a God. I look at the beauty of creation, the vastness of space, the amazing genetic software that makes us what we are, and I see the evidence of a creative, magnificent God. Others look at all of this and believe that it sprang forth out of nothing, on its own, and marvel at a self-made universe. We look at the same evidence and draw different conclusions…in the end we make a choice to believe. That’s how the [Apostles] Creed begins, credo in Latin: I choose to believe these truths; I choose to build my life upon this foundation; I have decided that if I must take a leap of faith, I’ll take this leap of faith.” – Adam Hamilton’s “Creed: What Christians Believe and Why”

Questions for the Field

  • What evidence moves you toward belief in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?
  • How have you shared your experiences with others? As proof of God or as witness to God? What are the differences?

Family Field Talk

  • Consider belief as a choice. Is this idea active or passive? How does your choice affect your daily life?

Prayer Guide
Dear Lord and God – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – may I make choices in your favor, in your righteousness, to your glory every hours of every day. Amen.