July 17, 2017

You Already Know

July 17, 2017

Daily Reading
1 Thessalonians 4:1-8
Psalm 142
This week’s sermon text: Matthew 11:28-30

Field Notes
One thing my mother always reminded me as I left the house for school was, “Behave like we taught you to behave.”

Paul tells the Thessalonians the same thing. “You know the instructions we gave you in Jesus Christ,” he says. He expects them to do what is true and right. My mother and father expected the same from me. I knew what was right. I was expected to do it, even when they weren’t around.

Do we make excuses too often, saying things that we know to be true might be “open to interpretation,” or do we say things like, “I’m praying about what to do”?

But we know what we are to do: love one another. Jesus calls us to feed His sheep. Are we doing this? Am I?

Lord, forgive me if I am not.

Questions for the Field

  • What excuses do I make for my own shortcomings?

Family Field Talk

  • What are the things your parents taught you that you have trouble following?

Prayer Guide
Lord, help us live the way You have called us to live. May we cease making excuses and follow closely to Your path laid before us. Amen.