August 8, 2017

How to Have a Church Without Really Trying

August 8, 2017

Daily Reading (Click to read each Scripture)

Acts 2:37-47
Psalm 78:1-8, 17-29
This week’s sermon text: Romans 1:18-21

Field Notes
Our reading for today describes how the first Christian believers prioritized their lives together. Verse 42 says, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and the prayers.” This is a great template for our faith community today.

What’s involved here?

Study – they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, which in our case, can be found in the words of Scripture and also sermons from our pastors, and spiritual books.

Fellowship – getting together with other believers is critical. Magic happens when you sit around a table and laugh, cry, and share your life with others.

Breaking bread – this includes the Lord’s Supper, but it also refers to ordinary table fellowship. So don’t forget the snacks!

Prayer – the bedrock of our relationship with God and also the glue that holds groups together and enables them to care for each other most effectively.

As we think about coming together in small groups, Sunday School classes, and other communities within our church, let’s remember to incorporate these four practices. It isn’t complicated, but it is crucial.

Questions for the Field

  • Are you involved in any kind of group in our church? A small group? A Sunday school class? A Bible study? A mission group? If so, does your group incorporate these four practices that the early Christian church modeled for us?
  • If you are not in a group, how do you think you might benefit from one? Would you be willing to reach out to others to form a group?

Family Field Talk
As an idea for family devotions, try using the 4 practices described in our reading today. Pick a Bible story, and read it aloud together – maybe even using an illustrated children’s Bible to make it come alive. Find a cozy place to gather and share some favorite snacks – you might even want to go outside under a shaded tree on a blanket. And don’t forget to pray for your family and friends.

Prayer Guide
Loving God, thank You for giving us a simple and effective way to grow in our faith with friends and family. Help us to make community a priority in our lives. Amen.