August 18, 2017

Beautiful Differences

August 17, 2017

Daily Reading (Click to read each Scripture)
Genesis 41:14-36
Revelation 15:1-4
Psalm 133
This week’s sermon text: Romans 2:17-29

Field Notes
Sometimes it is just best to let the experts handle the Book of Revelation! The following was taken from the Spiritual Formation Bible, NRSV; copyright 1999 by Zondervan Corporation; insert on p. 1646.

Walking on Water: Revelation 15:2-4
Those who have been victorious over the beast and his image stand beside the sea and sing the song of Moses and of the Lamb, a song of deliverance. Those who have conquered the world of fallen Babylon (the beast, its image and its number) “by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony” (12.11) can sing the song of God’s deliverance today.

Throughout the morning today, reflect on God’s great amazing love that created you as God’s beloved child [your identity and value] and calls you to wholeness (your purpose).

During the afternoon, bow your heart in awe before the Holy One who is your true life.

In the evening look back on how the world’s false values are crumbling beneath your feet.

Questions for the Field

  • What discoveries did you make during the day?
  • In what ways do you feel yourself to be the Beloved?
  • In what ways do you sense a call from God toward a specific set of gifts or service?

Family Field Talk
How are the people in your family or group all the same? How is each one different from the other? What delights God in each of these people?

Prayer Guide
Dear Lord, you hold our true life. It is from you that we first received life and it is toward you that we will come when life here is finished. Help us to honor our identity and value found only in you. Lead us toward your purposes and will for our lives. Amen.