September 8, 2017


September 8, 2017

Daily Reading
Psalm 149
This weekend’s scripture: Romans 5:1-11

Field Notes
What does the word praise mean to you?

When I was a child, I would sit in the pews at church during the hymns and I would color my bulletin, or play with whatever small toy I had managed to sneak in. I did whatever I could to avoid singing. In my youth, not only was I embarrassed to sing, but I also had no appreciation for the songs themselves. More importantly, I had no understanding of who we were singing to, or why we were singing in the first place.

The psalm today calls on us to write new songs. To sing. To dance. To rejoice in who God is, and what God has done. To rejoice in what God is going to do. The people of ancient Israel believed God was going to conquer their enemies. They rejoiced in that hope.

Today, we sing in church, and I wonder, what do we sing for? Do we sing because it’s expected? Because we’ve always done it? Do we believe the words in our hymns and praise and worship songs? Do we praise out of obligation, or out of the hope we have in what God is going to do? Do we praise because of who God is?

Are our praises empty?

Questions for the Field

  • What does it mean to praise God?
  • When do you feel most at home in worship?
  • What aspect of worship makes you most uncomfortable?

Family Field Talk

  • What do you want to praise God for today?

Prayer Guide
King of Kings, help us to see you for who you are. May our praises ring true, and may they always be full of joy for who you are, what you’ve done, and what you will do. In Jesus’ name, we humbly pray. Amen.