October 16, 2017

Measures of Faith

October 16, 2017


Romans 12:1-8

This week’s sermon text: Romans 12:9-12


We have each been given a measure of faith.

Measurements are important to mind. In the kitchen, if you are cooking, your final product will be the results of your careful measurement. The amount of baking powder you add to your recipe determines if you will have a cake or a soufflé. The number of eggs you use determines the density of your goods. The ingredients for many recipes are always the same, but the measure in which they are used determines the outcome.

Our faith is similar. The ingredients we use to sustain and enliven our spirits are always available to us: God’s word revealed in Scripture; communion with God through prayer and meditation; the testimony of the saints through time; the presence of the Holy Spirit. But we have also been given different measures of faith to be used through our spiritual gifts for the support of the community of believers. Some of us are blessed with skills of interpretation, while others are used to comfort and care for others. Some are skilled with their hands to physically build the kingdom, while others build with their deep prayers and connection. The outcomes are different, but the ingredients are always the same.


  • What measure of faith has God given you to use in this season of your life?
  • Is there an ingredient of faith that is lacking in your right now?


  • Talk about what measures of faith have been important in your life so far and how you’ve learned to use them.


God, you have blessed each of us with gifts and abilities to be used for you. Let us be a blessing to you and to the world today. In Jesus’ name, we pray: Amen.