November 2, 2017

King or Queen for a Day

November 2, 2017


Psalm 72:12-14

This week’s sermon text: Romans 16:3-16

Psalm 72 describes the reign of an ideal king and may have been originally used at a coronation or at the annual commemoration of a coronation. What are some characteristics of an ideal leader that this psalm describes? He or she employs justice and righteousness and is a defender of the poor, needy, and oppressed. Verses 12-14 assert that the ideal leader “delivers the needy, has pity on the weak, and redeems the needy from oppression and violence.”

We may not be sovereign rulers over a kingdom like the subject of this psalm, but each of us has a sphere of influence. What kind of “rulers” are we? Do we pay attention to those around us who need our help? Do we stand up against oppression and injustice in our own communities? Do we do what we have the power to do to alleviate suffering?


  • What are some specific examples of oppression and injustice you’ve observed in our community in recent days?
  • What action could you take to “deliver the needy, have pity on the weak, or redeem the needy from oppression and violence”?


  • Pretend you are the ruler of your own land. What would you do to make sure no one is bullied or made fun of?
  • How would you make sure everyone in your kingdom was treated fairly and had enough to eat?

Sovereign Lord, thank you for showing us what a righteous ruler looks like. Help us to see specific ways we can bring justice and righteous to our own little “kingdoms” and to our own communities. Amen.