November 4, 2017

Following Our Teacher

November 4, 2017


Zechariah 7:9-10

This week’s sermon text: Romans 16:3-16

Each of our daily readings this week focused on how to live out our Christian faith. We’ve learned that our faith grows hands and feet when we:

  • Respect legitimate authority
  • Include voices from all sides when we settle a dispute — especially those who feel wronged
  • Identify what belongs to God and return those things to him
  • Do what we have the power to do to alleviate suffering
  • Protect the most vulnerable in our society — particularly orphans and widows
  • Show kindness and mercy to one another

We follow a Teacher who told us that the two great commandments were to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. As we examine our purpose as Christ-followers, may we find joy in obeying his commandments and applying what we’ve learned to our actual lives in the world. ​


  • Which of these days’ readings was the most challenging for you?
  • What is one specific way you can show kindness and mercy to a vulnerable person in our community?


  • Discuss with your parents or other trusted adult how your family might help someone in need.
  • You might collect canned goods for a food bank or warm winter clothing for Room in the Inn.

Loving God, your commandments are simple though not easy — loving you and loving others. Teach us to do good, to show kindness and mercy to one another, and to make your love visible to a world desperate for good news. Amen.