November 15, 2017

Hold Each Other Accountable In Love

November 15, 2017


Luke 17:1-4

This week’s sermon text: Romans 15:14-29

Many of the passages this week talk about stumbling blocks and living in such a manner that you do not cause someone else to stumble. Today’s verses also talk about accountability. Disciples are called to hold each other accountable in love. This means that when we see a fellow believer doing something that is a sin, we must hold them accountable and make them aware of the sin. Accountability is not accusing someone or trying to catch someone in the act of behaving badly. Accountability is all about helping another person grow, and when we correct another believer it should be done with love and grace, not judgment or harsh words. Jesus goes on to say that when the person repents, we must forgive. The reverse is true as well; when I am the person who has sinned and am held accountable for it, I must repent and seek forgiveness. Accountability, repentance, and forgiveness all go together. When we live intentionally, all three flow naturally together in the community of believers and individuals in the community are strengthened. This is not to say that stumbles will not happen, but that we are meant to help and support each other rather than tear someone down or leave them unaware of their sin.


  • Do you have someone who you trust to hold you accountable?
  • If so, how can you be more intentional about holding each other accountable?
  • If not, why not?


  • Is there someone you need to forgive?
  • Is there someone you need to ask forgiveness from?

Lord, thank you for those people in my life who will hold me accountable in love. Reveal to me places where I need to speak up, to offer forgiveness, or to ask for forgiveness myself. And help me to act with love, grace or repentance in each of those situations. In Jesus’ name, Amen.