December 7, 2017

Excited for Santa!

December 7, 2017


Psalm 85:8-13

This weekend’s reading: Isaiah 40:1-11

I can remember when I was little being so excited for Santa to come that I couldn’t fall asleep. My little brother and I would always sleep in the same bed and we would stay up almost all night trying to guess what Santa would bring us and dream out loud what we would do with our new bikes or toys. We would wake up so early in the morning without an alarm or prompting from our parents and run down the stairs to see what we indeed had received. In the Message translation of Psalm 85:8-13, the Psalmist writes, “ I can’t wait to hear what he’ll say. God’s about to pronounce his people well, The holy people he loves so much.” Now Christmas is obviously not about the toys and Santa. I have grown to know about the true meaning of Christmas is about the birth of a Savior. However, when I read this Psalm in the midst of Advent, that sense of just not being able to wait for Santa quickly springs to mind and I begin to wonder if I have the same sense of excitement and joy waiting on the birth of Christ. The Psalmist just can’t wait to hear from God and know that God loves us so much. I hope we can have that same sense of eagerness for Christ’s coming that I did for Santa as I grew up.


  • Do you feel the same sort of excitement or even more for Christ as you do for other areas of your life?
  • If not, what do you think is the disconnect? How are your priorities in life a little off?


  • Is Christmas really about Santa or is it about something else?
  • Do you know what Christmas is really about?

Loving and gracious God, Emmanuel and Prince of Peace, help us to put the hustle and bustle of this season in perspective. Remind us that Christmas isn’t about the gifts and good deals, but about the absolute joy of receiving a Savior and Your love. Grow in me a spirit of eagerness for Christ. Amen.