January 9, 2018

Everyday Idols

January 9, 2018


Daniel 3:1-30

This weekend’s reading: Daniel 2:1-16

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego chose to worship God, not an idol. Every day, we are faced with giving ourselves to potential idols, priorities, and pressures versus worshipping and following God.

As members entered the sanctuary for Sunday worship, the altar was covered with all kinds of items: a small TV, clothes, football, softball, baseball, soccer ball, basketball, Titan’s football jersey, Predators hockey jersey, all kinds of clothes, smart phone, Xbox, shoes, photos of children, photos of grandchildren, notebook computer, iPad, car keys, empty pack of cigarettes, empty beer can, empty whiskey bottle, empty wine bottle, UT & Vandy memorabilia, all kinds of food, prescription drugs, photos of celebrities, and the list goes on and on. It was hard to see the cross and the two candles.

Worshippers were shocked, confused, and angry. Why were those things on the altar of God?

The pastor asked, “Do these things belong on the altar of God?” Everyone said, “No!” He explained, “While these things do not belong on the altar of God, we tend to worship these things in the altars of our hearts. Many often have so much clutter that it’s hard to see God’s altar in our hearts. While most of these things are not bad in themselves, we don’t need to elevate their importance higher than worshipping or following Jesus.”

Then, he removed each item one at a time explaining that if we follow Jesus, he will guide our use of these items.

God does not take us out of the world, but following Jesus, God will put potential idols, priorities, and pressures in their rightful place.


  • What are some non-essential things you feel you cannot do without? Why is it hard to let go?
  • Is there something or someone you know who you put above your relationship with God?


  • When given a choice between Sunday morning worship and doing something else, what do we tend to do on a regular basis? Why?

Lord, only you give life. Other things may give temporary pleasure and happiness, but only you provide lasting fulfillment and joy. Thank you for the things my family, friends, and we have. Help us remember that they are from you, and you alone are the one to worship. In your gracious name, we pray. Amen.