January 11, 2018

Worshiping Leaders

January 11, 2018


Daniel 3:1-30

This weekend’s reading: Daniel 2:1-16

Arriving to a former church I pastored, a member hugged me and with a big smile said, “I want you to know that I haven’t been back to church since the last Sunday you preached.” What he thought was a compliment, I received as a failure.

Too many people worship a special pastor, Sunday School teacher, youth director, or children’s director, wishing that the present ones would be like their favorites. The same is true in the work place, school system, athletics, Scouts, and even politics.

While Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had no problem refusing to worship their king, many of us unconsciously idolize and worship special people instead of God.

Two things here:

1. Too often we worship the people in our past. Instead, God of our past is also working through our current church leaders.

2. While we may have special love for those special people, remember that Jesus is our savior.

We have awesome leaders at Brentwood. Someday God might call them elsewhere. When that happens, the best way to honor them is to follow Jesus, and thus, honor the new leaders God sends us.


  • Who are some of your favorite pastors, youth directors, scout leaders, coaches, bosses, and other personalities?
  • How am I allowing God to speak through my present leaders?

Lord, Jesus, help us all to follow you. Help us appreciate and value how you worked through those special people in our lives. At the same time, Lord, just as you worked through those special people of our past, I know you want to work through our present church leaders. Instead of trying to make any present leader to fit into the image of a previous person, help us to value the gifts and graces you give our leaders today. Lead on O King Eternal! In your gracious name I pray. Amen.