March 1, 2018

It Was Us All Along

March 1, 2018


James 1:12-16

Psalm 119:1-8

This weekend’s reading: John 19:26-27

“It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.” The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis

God didn’t make us do it. Neither did the devil. It was us all along. We let our own selfishness, pride, lust, greed, etc. pull us from God, from our anchor, and toss us out among the rocky sea of temptation. We fool ourselves into thinking we don’t even need God. We can handle things ourselves, thank you very much.

That may be the biggest lie we tell ourselves—that we don’t need God. When we actually sit and think about what a world with God would look like, things can get pretty grim, and yet, that is how we often live.

Do not be deceived, sisters and brothers. Keep watch for your own sinful desires, and fight back!


  • In what ways do I deceive myself?
  • How do I go about guarding myself from temptation?
  • What are some practical ways of doing so?


  • How do you know what is right and what is wrong?
  • How do you make good choices?

Lord, in your mercy, forgive us when we succumb to our own weaknesses. Give us the strength daily to fight against our own sinful nature. May we walk in hope and not fear; light and not darkness. And may we trust that God leads us only to hope. Amen.