March 5, 2018

Every Tear

March 5, 2018

Today’s Field Guide comes from our Share the Spirit devotional guide. These testimonials are written by students, staff, and volunteers who have participated in one of our youth mission trips or choir tours in the past. They are sharing their experiences and the lessons they learned from God and from each other. We hope the words they share help you grow in your faith. We also hope these words challenge you to grow deeper in your faith by participating in one of these missional opportunities or giving generously so that others can. Sign up to attend Share the Spirit on March 10.


Revelation 21:4

Isaiah 6:8

This weekend’s reading: Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34

(Written by a student on the 2017 Jubilation Tour.)

Everyone is a child of God and everyone is loved by God, no matter what. I experienced this realization through a powerful interaction during the 2017 Jubilation Choir Tour. We were at a place called Stillwater Center for people of all ages with disabilities. At the end of our performance, we were supposed to go and circle around the people there. I went over to one woman who had been so happy throughout the performance. She held out her hand for me to hold. I held it the entire song and for so long afterward. She smiled a pure smile of joy to me during the whole song. It was so powerful. It was as if I was getting a glimpse of Heaven. Her true love for God shone through her smile and her shining eyes.

Through her, God was reminding me that every single person is a child of God and loved by God no matter who they are or their circumstances. Never judge a person by what they look like. It is truly their heart that describes who they are. Look at what a person can do instead of what they can’t do. She brought me to tears as we were singing because she reminded me that every tear will be wiped away as the verse in revelation reminds us because she was not crying about her disability or situation….she had the purest heart and love of God that can only come from God Himself. She showed me how God unites everyone, no matter who they are.

Through our actions and love for God, we can bring glimpses of Heaven down to Earth, as this lady showed me. Through her simple yet pure smile, she was able to show me God’s unconditional love and joy in a way I never could’ve imagined.