April 5, 2018

Community of Believers

April 5, 2018


Psalm 133

Daniel 1:1-21

Acts 2:42-47

This weekend’s reading: Luke 24:13-35

Imagine with me for a minute a group of people. This group of people has children: infants in their parents’ arms, toddlers playing together, older children laughing at something one of the teenagers has said. Adults of all ages are gathered talking, sharing, and laughing together. They are helping one another. A meal is being placed on the table and all the people are being called to come wash up and eat. All these people of different ages, different families, and different backgrounds take up places around the table.  Someone blesses the food. Someone else invites the people to share how they have seen God at work this week. All are listening; all are learning. Others participate in the discussion. Joys of ministry are celebrated. Challenges that individuals are facing or the community is facing are lifted up and prayed for. As the meal begins to break up as the youngest begin to fall asleep, leftovers are packed up and sent home. Other items such as clothes or books or household goods are distributed for those who need them. Hugs are given and received. Goodbyes said. Promises to gather again the same time next week. Everyone departs in peace.  
The earliest Christians shared life together in this way. Acts 2:42-47 describes how the believers shared everything in common, met together, ate together, learned from each other, and prayed for each other. What a beautiful picture of what it means to part of the community of believers.


  • Who are you in community with each week?
  • How do you support each other?  
  • How do you care for the needs of those around you?


  • Invite another family to share a meal with your family.
  • Pray together and share ways that God is at work in your lives.
  • How can you create opportunities for your family to be in community with others?

God thank you for giving us the gift of community. Help us to continue to support one another. Help us to live together in harmony. Amen.