April 7, 2018

The One Who Sends Jesus

April 7, 2018


Psalm 133

Daniel 2:24-49

John 12:44-50

This weekend’s reading: Luke 24:13-35

This text in John 12 reminds us that the people sometimes struggled with understanding who Jesus was and what he was doing. They could not understand why a human being would claim to forgive sins and would promise salvation and would talk about the kingdom of God being near at hand. Jesus spoke in metaphors and he hung out with people many considered outsiders. Many could not see past his humanness and his unusual ministry choices to see the One who sent him. They did not recognize that God was in their midst in a humble human form. They did not see that God was restoring those who needed it most to right relationship with God. Those who did recognize him believed in him and in the One who sent him. For those who believed Jesus was a light in the darkness. Those who believe hear his teaching and live by it. For those who didn’t believe, Jesus says, I have not rejected them; they have rejected me. Those who hear his teaching and ignore it do not believe in Jesus or in God who sent him. The One who sent Jesus is the creator of the world, and Jesus, God’s Son, brings light and salvation to that world which desperately needs both.


  • How do you think Jesus reveals God to us?
  • How does Jesus bring light to dark places?
  • Do you have a relationship with Jesus and with the One who sends him?


  • How can you live by Jesus’ words, the words of God who sent him, this week?

Thank you, God, for sending Jesus into the world to help us know you better and to bring light to dark places. Help me to believe and to live according to his teaching, that I might also be a light for others to see the One who sent Jesus. Amen.