April 21, 2018

The Work is Never Done

April 21, 2018


Mark 6:30-34

This weekend’s reading: John 21:15-19

Have you ever had one of those days where you are running around doing a million things and finally sit down to take a rest when you realize you forgot something, or your kid wakes up from a nap and needs you, or the phone rings?  I think we all have at some point.  That is the experience that Jesus and his disciples find themselves in in today’s passage in Mark.  They have been on the move, teaching and preaching and healing and building relationships throughout the area and just when they sit down to rest, a whole crowd gathers to hear from them.  Exhausting.  Now I think as readers, we can wrongly interpret this passage to mean that we should never rest.  That we should just keep going and going and going until we have nothing left to give.  On the contrary, God commands us to practice Sabbath and rest.  However, I think this passage does challenge us as followers of Christ to realize how important the ministry of Jesus and his followers truly is and to never get up.  Our work, though we must rest and recharge, is never through.


  • How have you become lazy in your faith? Not reading Scripture? Choosing brunch over worship? Always forgetting to pray?
  • What are ways you can renew your faith and commitment to church?


  • What are ways that I practice my faith every day? Prayer? Reading Scripture? Serving others?

Lord when I find myself lazy or even apathetic about my faith, renew my soul, open my heart and mind to your call.  May your Spirit energize me and get me excited about being your disciple.  Amen.