April 25, 2018

Who Is A God Like You?

April 25, 2018



Psalm 95
Micah 7:8-20
Mark 14:26-31

This weekend’s reading: Matthew 16:13-20


We sometimes look at a person who has made a poor choice that led to trouble, and we think, “I would never do that. I would have acted differently.”  And yet we know, faced with a precarious situation like Peter in today’s Gospel, we too might not live up to our own high standards.
It is good to remember in this Easter season, Jesus’ conversation with Peter after the resurrection. In John 21, Jesus cooks breakfast for his disciples on the beach where they have been fishing. He makes a point of asking Peter three times—perhaps to remind him of the three times he had denied Jesus—”Do you love me, Peter?” And three times, Peter answers, “You know I do, Lord!” Then Jesus gives him a mission: “Feed my sheep.” Jesus not only forgives but trusts Peter with the crucial task of becoming a “shepherd” representing Jesus the Good Shepherd, for Jesus would soon return to God’s throne, leaving behind those he loved.
God, who conquers death with the overwhelming power of the resurrection, offers us new life now by the forgiveness of sins. When we are forgiven and reconciled, God gives us a “calling,” a mission, like the one he gave Peter. God delights in showing mercy to us. Our God is like no other (Micah 7:18). Alleluia!


  • How does God’s forgiveness make a difference in the way we live?
  • What do we know about God, whom we know from the Bible as the God of Israel and the Father of Jesus Christ? How does our God differ from other ancient concepts of deity, for example in Greek and Roman culture or in the religions of Israel’s enemies in the Old Testament?


  • How did Peter use his sense of smell to know Jesus was on the beach waiting for him? (John 21:9-14)
  • In another story, how did Thomas hope to use his sense of touch to know Jesus was alive? (John 20:26-29) Talk about ways we can use all 5 senses to experience God’s presence.


Forgiving God, give us the grace to confess when we have failed you, and like Peter, begin again to live out our love for you renewed. Open our eyes to the hunger of your sheep. Guide us to feed them with food from the table and with the love you have brought us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.