June 8, 2018


June 8, 2018


Romans 8:14-17
Psalm 33:12-22
This weekend’s reading: Hebrews 10:19-25


I think of some of my favorite books and movies– how many are underdog stories? The Lord of the Rings is about how the smallest, most inconsequential beings in all of Middle-Earth are ultimately what it needs to defeat evil. In Hoosiers, a troubled coach and troubled team from a tiny town in Indiana rise to win the state championship over schools with more talent and resources. Daniel Larusso stands up to his bullies in The Karate Kid, outmatched and outnumbered.
We root for the underdog. We identify with the underdog. They are just like us, facing odds that seem impossible to overcome. But they press on. When we see an underdog win, it makes us feel like we can succeed as well. And we can.
We know in Christ, we win in the end.  We may feel like the greatest underdog in history, and yet our story is already written.  In the long run, Christ wins, and we share in that victory.  Do not be afraid, for you are God’s child.  Amen and amen.


  • In what ways do you feel like an underdog? 
  • In what ways do you allow fear to dominate your life?


  • How can I fight my own fears?

Lord, drive out our fear.  Fill the emptiness with love.  And Lord, where that fear is fueled by hurt, grant us the strength to forgive.  We pray for your hand to guide us as always.  Amen.