June 14, 2018

Unanswered Questions

June 14, 2018


Psalm 20
1 Samuel 9:15-27
Hebrews 2:5-9

This weekend’s reading: Acts 15


Today we pick up the story of Saul from where we left him.  Saul has gone into the town with his servant to find the prophet Samuel to get his help with his missing donkeys.  Samuel is waiting in town because God told him the person who will be king will come to him tomorrow.  When Saul approaches to ask about his missing donkeys, Samuel knows this is the future king of Israel.  Samuel invites him to eat with him and promises to tell him everything he wants to know.  He tells Saul the missing donkeys have already be found, and asks an odd question about Israel’s wealth and to whom does it belong?  Saul replies that he comes from a family that is the least of the tribes of Israel, what would he know about the wealth of Israel?  Perhaps Samuel is saying, “Why worry about some donkeys when you are about to have the concerns of all Israel on your shoulders?”   At the feast, Samuel invites Saul to sit in the seat of honor at dinner and gives to him the best portion of the meat served that evening.  

Through his questions, through his actions, and through his words, Samuel is honoring Saul; he indicates that there is something special about this young man.  However, he has only implied and not yet directly said who Saul will become.  Saul has got to be wondering at this point what is happening and why the prophet Samuel is paying him such attention.  He is left with more questions than answers at this point.  And he will be left waiting and wondering, as he is sent to bed and then gets up and begins his journey home the next morning.


  • Have you ever had someone ask you a strange question that you didn’t understand?
  • Have you ever had people show you honor or respect you didn’t feel you deserved?
  • What do you do when you have more questions than answers?


  • Wonder together: think up questions you would like to ask God.  Write them on a piece of paper and talk about them together.  Pray together for God to give you understanding or patience to wait for the answers to come.

God of Wonder, thank you for the questions on our hearts.  Help us to be patient as we wait for answers or understanding.  Amen.