June 16, 2018

Sing Praises to the Lord

June 16, 2018


Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15
2 Kings 14:1-14
Mark 4:1-20

This weekend’s reading: Acts 15


I love the words of praise in the Psalm for today.  Let these words be your song and your prayer today.  
“It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
to sing praises to your name, Most High;
to proclaim your loyal love in the morning,
your faithfulness at nighttime
with the ten-stringed harp,
with the melody of the lyre
because you’ve made me happy, Lord, by your acts.
I sing with joy because of your handiwork.
How awesome are your works, Lord!
Your thoughts are so deep!
The righteous will spring up like a palm tree.
They will grow strong like a cedar of Lebanon.
Those who have been replanted in the Lord’s house
will spring up in the courtyards of our God.
They will bear fruit even when old and gray;
they will remain lush and fresh in order to proclaim:
        “The Lord is righteous.
        He’s my rock.
        There’s nothing unrighteous in him.”
(Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15)


  • How is God your rock?
  • How do you sing praises to God in the morning, in the evening, and all the times in between?


  • How can you praise God today for all that God has done for you?

God, you are awesome!  You are faithful in your love for me.  You have done amazing things in the world and in my life.  Thank you for everything.  I praise your holy name!  Amen.