June 26, 2018

Safety by Another Way

June 26, 2018


Psalm 119:113-128
Acts 27:39-44
This weekend’s reading: Colossians 2:6-8


There’s nothing about this story from Acts that sounds or feels safe. After being pummeled in a storm for two weeks, the exhausted crew finally sees land, though they don’t recognize where they are or if the land is safe for them.
And yet, having no other options they cut loose their anchors and all means of safety and intentionally attempt to wreck the ship. It’s only in throwing off all methods of safety that they know they might survive.
God never calls us to be careless with our lives—our lives are precious and must be valued! But this story teaches that in order to find salvation we must sometimes (maybe often) face times of trial. This is partly what Jesus means when he says that all Christians must take up a cross if they wish to follow him.
Christians know that we must rejoice in sufferings; we must face trials and keep our trust in the one who grants us ultimate salvation.


  • What difficulties have you been putting off facing?
  • Would confronting these trials increase your faith?


  • What can we think about during the day, today, to give us hope in God?

Gracious God, you give us life and call us to a higher purpose. Give us the courage we need to face our trials and tribulations and let us always trust in your grace. Amen.