July 16, 2018

Written in the Stars

July 16, 2018


Psalm 142
Amos 5:1-9

This weekend’s reading: Matthew 14:22-32


One of the first constellations I learned to identify in the dark winter sky was Orion. With its three bright stars aligned diagonally like the belt of a warrior, it was easy to spot on a clear night, striding across the eastern and southern skies. Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed seeing the familiar vision when late fall brings it into sight.
Thousands of years ago, the writer of Amos mentions Orion and the also familiar Pleiades — or Seven Sisters — as signs of God’s power and might. Only God can create the stars and turn night into day and day into night.
It’s summertime now and Orion is out of our sight during the “primetime” viewing hours, but it’s just below our horizon, waiting for its time to reappear.
God’s power and might in our lives may not always be visible, but we can trust that they are there, ready to appear when the time is right.


  • Where do you most need God’s power and might in your life right now?

Ask a parent or other trusted adult to show you a picture of the constellation Orion in a book or online. Talk about ways that God shows his power — through creating the stars and other things in nature. (If you can remember, look for Orion in the eastern sky beginning in November. He’s pretty easy to spot!)

Creator of the stars, give us eyes and ears to see your power and might in our daily lives. Help us to bring our needs to you, knowing you hear us when we pray. Amen.