July 25, 2018

No Need for Signs | July 25, 2018

July 25, 2018


Matthew 12:38-42
Psalm 114
This weekend’s reading: Romans 3:20-24


In Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, scholar N.T. Wright says this:
“Jesus is, at the moment, present with us, but hidden behind that invisible veil which keeps heaven and earth apart, and which we pierce in those moments, such as prayer, the sacraments, the reading of scripture, and our work with the poor, when the veil seems particularly thin. But one day the veil will be lifted; earth and heaven will be one; Jesus will be personally present, and every knee shall bow at his name; creation will be renewed; the dead will be raised; and God’s new world will, at last, be in place, full of new prospects and possibilities.”
We ask for signs all the time, and yet, Jesus says we have all we need to know the truth.  May we never forget this.  May we always remember that one day all will be restored, but until then, our faith in what we know to be true will help carry us through our days.


  • Why do we constantly ask God for signs and reasons?
  • How does our dim view of reality affect my ability to believe in the truth of the Gospel?


  • What does it look like to have faith in something?

Lord, instead of asking for signs, may we instead trust you.  Instead of walking in fear, may we walk in love? And instead of living in doubt, may we boldly and fearlessly proclaim the Good News of your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.