August 6, 2018

How We Look at Others

August 6, 2018


Genesis 1:26-31
Psalm 8
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 1:26-31


While eating with a church member and her friend, I discovered her friend was Elvis Presley’s mother.  Suddenly, my opinion of both ladies changed.  Knowing their connection to Elvis made the difference.
While touring a museum, several guests did not think much of a particular set of sculptures.  When they discovered that Michelangelo was the sculptor, they became very interested.  Knowing of the artist made the difference.
Looking at people as people, I see nothing special.  While looking at the same people as created by God in the image of God, my whole opinion of them changes.  Knowing the connection of people with God makes the difference.
It changes how I look at them and how I don’t.  What I think and what I don’t.  How I relate to them and how I don’t.  How I treat them and how I don’t. My whole relationship with them changes.  This also includes my family, co-workers, church members, friends, enemies, and people in the check-out line. 
When I intentionally see others as created in God’s image, I find that I relate to them as if I am with Jesus.  It changes everything in my relationships.


  • Who are some people you might see today?
  • How might you look at, be with, and treat them today knowing they are holy creations of God?


  • How are we, as children, like are parents in our appearance?
  • How are our actions, as children, like those actions of our parents?
  • How are we living with each other as if we are living with Jesus?
  • How might we improve how we live with each other if we treat each other as holy and sacred images of God?


Most loving gracious Lord, creator and source of all life.  You made us in your image.  That means we are something special.  Lord, Jesus, help us relate to each other, valuing each other as you value us. In your gracious name, we pray.  Amen.