September 5, 2018

A Tube of Toothpaste

September 5, 2018


Mark 7:9-23
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 11:1-9


I recently saw a post on Facebook by the parent of a child going into middle school. The parent asked the child to squirt an entire tube of toothpaste out onto a plate. When the tube was empty, the parent calmly asked the child to put the paste back in the tube. “But I can’t,” cried the child. “It won’t go back in!” To which her mother replied, “Neither will your words. Your words have the power to build up and encourage, or to hurt and destroy. Remember this toothpaste when you are tempted to speak harm into the world. You’ll never get those words back. Make them count the first time.”

Jesus says, “there is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but the things that come out are what defile… For it is from within, from the human heart, that evil intentions come.” (Mark 7: 15, 21).


  • Think of a time you wish you had held your tongue, maybe when you reacted too quickly or harshly to a situation. How have you learned from that experience?


  • Try this as a family: every time you complain or say something unkind to or about someone, encourage each other to then speak two kind things about that person! This will train our brains to always look for the good over the ugly!

Holy Spirit, fill us with your presence. Help us to train our tongues in the ways of kindness and compassion. When we feel the urge to speak unkindly or resentfully about others, remind us that our words can build up your kingdom, or hinder its progress. Let us be peacemakers with our words always!