September 10, 2018


September 10, 2018


Hebrews 12:1-2
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 12:1-9


I am not a runner. Some people truly have a passion for lacing up their sneakers and heading out to put feet to pavement—air in their lungs, the wind on their face, and endorphins coursing through their veins. That is just not me. I enjoy and am even capable of exercising in almost every other way, but I will never be a runner.

A few years ago, a friend convinced me to sign up to complete a 5K. My non-running heart had a bit of panic attack after finishing the registration because I knew there was no way that I was going to finish this thing. I knew that I could walk it, but I also knew that everyone else would be faster than me, and my competitive, prideful heart certainly didn’t want that. I wanted to persevere, but I couldn’t see a way forward.  Thankfully, I had a group of friends with me to encourage me in each step of the process. It was difficult to find perseverance on my own, but my community lifted me up. Many had gone before me.

It is not so different with our faith. Many have gone before us, and many will come after us. As humans on Earth, we can rely on our own “cloud of witnesses” to uplift us and sustain us when perseverance is hard to come by on our own.


  • What is one of the hardest things you have ever done? How did your community/friends/family help you through it? How did God help you through it?
  • Who is in your cloud of witnesses? Reach out to or remember them today, and say a prayer of thanks.


  • Who is someone important that is helping to shape your faith?
  • Who can you turn to when you are struggling with something?


God, you are a strong God, able to do things far beyond my comprehension or understanding. Help me to rely on your strength and to have perseverance when you require it of me.  Thank you for the cloud of witnesses you have placed in my life. Help me also to rely on them, and to be someone that others can rely on. Amen.