September 12, 2018

A Small Faith

September 12, 2018


Matthew 17:14-20
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 12:1-9


Often times faith seems like a huge undertaking… we have to believe in the God of the universe who is bigger than anything we can ever imagine. Surely our faith in something so expansive and extravagant must also be expansive and extravagant. It can only be expected that we must have large beliefs, grand feelings, and never doubt. Surely a big God must require a big faith.
Jesus’ life on earth proved to us that just the opposite was true. Do you know how small a mustard seed actually is? When Jesus compares our faith to one of the smallest things on earth, he speaks volumes about our relationship with the creator of the universe. The people the Jesus ministered to were not larger-than-life personalities. He did not storm throne rooms or even the temple to gain the favor of political and religious leaders of his time. The majority of his short time in ministry was spent with the small and lowly, those who were seemingly insignificant in the eyes of everyone else. Their faith may have started out small, but after encountering Jesus, everything was changed.


  • Do you feel like you have a large faith or a small faith? Why?
  • What circumstances in your life make faith seem impossible? What makes faith more attainable?


  • Look up the size of a mustard seed. How small is it?
  • What are small ways we can demonstrate our faith in God?
  • What can we do when we don’t feel like we have very much faith?


Almighty God, be with us when our faith is larger than life, and be with us in the moments when our faith is small. Help us to see you in the small and quiet moments. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.