September 22, 2018

Good Advice

September 22, 2018


Psalm 1
Matthew 23:29-39
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 18:1-15


Advice is not hard to get these days. For anything that ails you; for any problem you might have, there’s probably a book, a guru, a TV show, a radio host, or a website that can give you advice on how to fix it. But how do we know that the advice we get is trustworthy?
We know that it’s important to get good advice from good authorities, but sometimes we take the easy path instead. We go to the internet instead of making an appointment with our doctor. Or, we think we can handle emotional difficulties by reading a book or two instead of relying on professional therapy.
Psalm 1 reminds us that the ones who prosper are the ones who trust completely in God’s law. The happiest people, this Psalm reminds us, are the ones that don’t take bad advice just because it’s easier but instead do the hard work of growing in faith and love.


  • When was a time you took the harder road instead of the easy path?
  • How did you grow because of that journey?


  • How do we know good advice from bad advice?
  • How are some people in our lives we can trust to give us good advice?


God, let us love and rely on your word. Let your word search us and refine us and bring us closer to you each and every day. In Jesus name, Amen.