September 24, 2018


September 24, 2018


James 4:7-10
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 22:1-19


“James wrote to Jewish Christians who were scattered throughout the Mediterranean world because of persecution. In their hostile surroundings they were tempted to let intellectual agreement pass for true faith. James reminds us that true faith transforms lives…” And transformed lives put faith into action. And these actions matter to God and in the lives of other people. [Life Application Bible, p. 2244]


  • For ‘invisible’ Christians, James has some harsh instructions, creating a checklist for renewing a right relationship with God. [Taken from the Amplified Bible]
  • Remember that you are the ‘created’ and ‘beloved’ child of God.  Your life is a gift; your being, a response. [I added this; hope James doesn’t mind!]
  • How are you daily submitting yourself to God?
  • How are you resisting [worldly] temptations that might draw you away from God?
  • When and how do you move closer to God [with a contrite heart]?
  • How can you accept the cleansing of forgiveness?
  • Humble yourselves [with an attitude of repentance and insignificance] in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will lift you up, He will give you purpose].


  • What does it mean to put your life under God’s authority?
  • What is one way each person in the conversation might do so today?


Holy God, we become response-able when we center our lives on you.  You are the Life; we are those who live.  You are the source of Love; we are the lovers.  You are the Constant; we are often wanderers.  Hold us close to you.  Draw us near. Awaken us each day to your Presence.  Amen.