October 1, 2018

Judgment vs Holiness

October 1, 2018


Matthew 9:9-13
This weekend’s reading: Genesis 22:1-19


When I was in college, I tended to be on the legalistic side of things.  I didn’t drink.  I didn’t smoke.  I didn’t’ do any of the bad stuff most evangelicals warn you about.  I patted myself on the back often, whilst looking down on those who did the very things they were not supposed to do.  I’ll let you guess how effective my ministry was. 
Judgment does not lend itself to fruitful ministry.  Exclusion does not lead to fruitful ministry.  Holier-than-thou living only serves to divide, rather than unite, and more importantly, bring in those outside of the faith. 
Holiness is important.  Making good choices is important.  And yet, so is looking at people as they truly are.  See them.  See their hearts.  See their dreams.  See their pain.  Don’t let your own sense of pride get in the way of seeing all the people, and their need for Jesus.  


  • Have you ever struggled with legalism?  How did you overcome it?
  • How do you place yourself in a position to be with people who believe differently from you?


  • Do you ever judge other people when you shouldn’t?  Why or why not? 
  • How do we love those who are different?


Lord, may my table never be closed to those who are different or may not have it all together.  May I remember that I don’t have it all together either, and may your grace cover us all.  Amen.