October 23, 2018

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Hands

October 23, 2018


Mark 10:23-27
This weekend’s reading: Matthew 25:14-30


Ten years ago this summer I went to South Africa on a mission trip with our church. I traveled with my daughter who had just graduated from high school, one of her best friends and her father, and several other members of the church.

While we were there, we attended the dedication of the Brentwood Society Church which Brentwood UMC helped to found, as well as the Thembelihle Preschool which operated out of the Howick Methodist Church’s facility. As we visited with the children there and spoke with the teachers and staff at the preschool, a dream was planted in our hearts — what if Brentwood UMC could help create a primary school so that the children leaving the preschool would have a place to continue their education and get a better start in life?

We visited several potential properties while we were there, but it all seemed impossible — like a beautiful dream that could never come true.

Fast forward to ten years later. The dream that seemed impossible is now a brick-and-mortar reality attended by over 350 children, with a brand new state of the art facility and excellent teachers and staff.

God had a dream, too, and his dream involved South Africans and Americans working together. Never underestimate what God can do with open hearts, open minds, and open hands.


  • Have you ever had a dream that seemed impossible but God put it in your heart?
  • Do you sense that God wants you to pursue that dream? Who could help you?


  • What would you do for someone else if you had a million dollars?
  • Is there something small you could begin to do right now to help that dream come true?


Heavenly Father, your ways are far above our ways. You see paths to achieve your dreams that our hidden to our eyes. But you partner with us when we are willing to dream and act on our dreams. Help us to trust you. Amen.