November 2, 2018

Something That Lasts

November 2, 2018


Matthew 14:13-21
This weekend’s reading: Matthew 14:13-21


A very wealthy man was generous with his money to his church, universities, and many charities.  In fact, a building at a university in Texas has his name on it because he gave the money.
When the stock market crashed, he lost all assets.  He had nothing. 
A friend asked, “Now, don’t you wish you had that money instead of giving it all away.”  The man answered that, if he still had that money he gave away, he would have lost it also in the crash.  Instead, he was glad he gave all the money away, for even though he was now poor, at least there were churches and buildings still standing that would last many years after he died.  At least now, what he did give away would last.  Not only would those buildings and ministries last, but they also continue to produce new students and help many people through the churches and agencies he supported.
When the boy gave his five loaves and two fish to help feed the 5000 plus women and children, what he sparked through Jesus was an abundance of food. What this boy did resulted in a lasting story to encourage us to do the same.


  • How have you benefitted from people you probably never knew who invested in schools, churches, and ministries in the past?
  • To what have you invested in the past that is still producing fruit?
  • How might you continue or begin to invest your time, talent, and treasures into ministries that will produce lasting fruit?


  • Who are people in your family’s past who have helped you as a family, through their time and maybe even their money?
  • What are ministries to which you wish to continue and/or to begin supporting with your time, talents, and treasures?


Lord, Jesus Christ, you blessed us to be blessings.  You’ve loved us through people we know and also through people that we don’t know.  We do not know those who founded our church or who invested into its ministries through the years leading up to today.  Help us continue to be part of the great crowd of witnesses who make a difference in your kingdom today. In your gracious name, I pray.  Amen.