December 19, 2018



December 19, 2018


Matthew 12:15-21
Psalm 139:13-18
This weekend’s reading: Micah 5:2-5


At a former job, before going into full-time vocational ministry, I had a boss who carried himself with a gentle spirit.  He would greet everyone by their first name as he made his way through the office.  He would lead meetings by asking questions, rather than dictating orders.  He was always available if you had a question.  He always asked about your family.  Never once in over 2 years did I see him raise his voice, or speak unkindly to an employee.  That isn’t to say he was never upset or never had to discipline someone.  He simply believed there was a better way to lead people. 
His division was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of productivity and quality.  His turnover rate for employees was also the lowest in the company.  People wanted to work for him because they knew he cared about them.  They gave their best because they cared for him as well and he asked it of them. 
There is certainly a time for righteous anger.  But we see time and time again, especially through Christ; gentleness breeds a certain response from people like nothing else.  May we follow Christ’s example and walk with gentleness, that Christ may be known by our actions.  Amen.


  • Am I carrying myself the way Christ would have me do so?
  • Am I letting my emotions dictate my behavior rather than my beliefs?


  • In what ways is Jesus similar to God the Father?


Lord, may we always remember who you are, and who we are in you.  May your actions and words guide our actions and words always.  Amen.