January 1, 2019

New Year’s Day

January 1, 2019


Psalm 147:12-20
This weekend’s reading: Revelation 1:9-19

Charles Wesley published these words in 1750 for New Year’s Day worship. Let them be our prayer as we begin a New Year.

Wisdom ascribe, and might and praise
To God, who lengthens out our days,
Who spares us yet another year,
And lets us see his goodness here;
Happy, and wise, the time redeem,
And live, my friends, and die to him.

Merciful God, how shall we raise
Our hearts to pay thee all thy praise?
Our hearts shall beat for thee alone,
Our lives shall make thy goodness known,
Our souls and bodies shall be thine,
A living sacrifice divine.

I, and my house, will serve the Lord,
Led by the Spirit and the word;
We plight our faith, assembled here,
To serve our God the ensuing year;
And vow, when time shall be no more,
Through all eternity to adore.


  • Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, how do they reflect your commitment to praise and serve God?

  • Many people start the new year with resolutions — promises to themselves of good things they want to do in the coming year. What is something good you’d like to promise to do for God or for others in the New Year?


Lord, at the dawning of this new year, we ask your Spirit to guide and direct us. Open the doors that need to be opened; close the doors that should remain closed. Inspire us to love you and others. Amen.