January 9, 2019

Be Wary of Envy

January 9, 2019


James 3:13-18
This weekend’s reading: Revelation 2:1-7

When I was in sixth grade, it was the height of the Michael Jordan Era. I wanted a pair of Air Jordans, the most popular shoes around my middle school. They were also (and still are) super expensive, so I resigned myself to knowing I would probably never get any.
All of this changed when my brother, who was 7 years younger than me, got a pair for his birthday. Now, I didn’t realize his were kiddie Jordans and cost a small fraction of what my size shoes would cost. I just became green with envy. I begged and begged for my own Jordans. I cried. I look back, and it truly embarrasses me how I acted. My parents were not wealthy, and spending over $100 on shoes for a sixth grader was not in the budget. 
But you know what? My grandmother stepped in and bought me a pair. I was so happy! The shoes that I had coveted for so long were now mine. I remember that following Monday, lacing them up with pride. I was finally going to be one of the cool kids.
And it came true. Everyone loved them. I was popular for once. And it lasted for about four hours. After P.E., I went back to the locker room to change back into my street clothes only to find that my new Jordans had been stolen. Gone. Nowhere to be found. I never saw them again. 
What a waste.


  • Why does envy so easily control us?
  • What is it about the “Joneses” that we feel the need to keep up?


Lord, may we seek you first and always. Take away this need to compete with our neighbors. May we be content in You and You alone. Amen.