February 1, 2019

Refuge – February 1, 2019


Psalm 71:1-7
This weekend’s reading: Revelation 2:18-29

What is your safe space?  For me, I don’t feel any safer than I do when I’m at home with my wife and son.  That is my safe space. 
What about your spiritual safe space?  Is it Sunday worship?  Is it your small group?  Is it a retreat?  For me, my spiritual safe place is my old church camp in Illinois.  This is where I learned what it meant to follow Christ.  It is where I learned to study the Bible.  It is where I learned how to pray. 
My mentors are at that camp.  I wouldn’t be who I am without God speaking to me at that camp. 
And so I look forward to any time I get to go back.  I look forward to that time away, with the people whom God used to shape my life. It is my refuge. 
And so then, is God.  Because God shaped me through that place, and those people, God is my safe space. 


  • What is your safe space? 
  • What is your Spiritual refuge?

Lord, be our refuge.  And show us where and who in our life are our safe spaces.  Amen.