February 7, 2019

From Persecutor to Persecuted

February 7, 2019


Acts 9:19-25
This weekend’s reading: Revelation 3:1-6

The lie of the prosperity gospel is that through following Christ, our lives become richly blessed by worldly standards. We are indeed richly blessed in and through our faith, but this doesn’t always look like wealth, power, or prestige. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite.
When Saul was converted on the road to Damascus, he really confused a lot of people. Hadn’t he just been persecuting those calling themselves Christian? And now he’s saying Christ really is the son of God?  Suddenly, Saul found himself the target of persecution, and his literal life was in danger because of the faith he found and bravely expressed.
Our faith does not shield us from discomfort or even danger. It does not provide us with worldly gain. It does however, provide us with eternal assurance of God’s goodness as expressed through Christ.


  • Make plans to share your faith in the good news of the gospel in 2019, even if it might make you the target of some ridicule. Write them down to remain accountable.
  • How are you living counter-culturally to show the world the way that leads to life?


  • In what ways can we show our friends our faith in Jesus?

Loving God, give us courage and strength to face the trials and challenges of living a life faithful to you. Amen.