February 16, 2019

True Blessing

February 16, 2019


Luke 11:27-28
This weekend’s reading: Revelation 3:7-13

In ancient times, a woman’s value came primarily through bearing children — especially sons. Prevented by her culture of earning respect for her own accomplishments, a woman’s hope of honor was to have a respected son. Given that, can you imagine the honor of being Jesus’ mother? The woman who gave birth to the Messiah and shared the intimate relationship of providing nourishment for him from her own body? Who shared the myriad moments of everyday life with him long before he became a rabbi?

The woman in the crowd who cried out to Jesus “Blessed is the womb that bore you and breasts that nursed you!” was probably secretly wishing that she herself could claim the honor of being his mother. After all, we mothers love to revel in the accomplishments of our children! But Jesus turned her adoration on its head and responded, “Blessed rather are those who hear the world of God and obey it.”

We can’t all be the mother (or earthly father) of Jesus. But we can all choose to hear and obey God’s word. And in doing so, we will be blessed!


  • Jesus says our blessedness consists not in conventional means of honor but rather in hearing and obeying God’s Word. How are you doing in this regard?
  • What part of God’s Word do you find it hardest to obey?


  • What rules do you find it hardest to obey at home or at school?
  • Talk to your parents or a trusted adult about the rules God wants us to obey. Think of ways you can obey God’s rules today.

Lord Jesus, you showed us that hearing and obeying God’s word is the way to a blessed life. Strengthen us in our obedience. Amen.