February 19, 2019

Truthful and Sincere

February 19, 2019


Revelation 3:14-22
This weekend’s reading: Revelation 3:14-22

Wanting to do something grand to impress her friends and co-workers, Carol invited them to a magnificent dinner at her home.  Cleaning and cooking, she worked more hours than normal preparing for thirty-three guests. 
The guests arrived.  She was the perfect host.  Everyone enjoyed their time. 
After getting everyone’s attention and providing instructions for the meal, she asked her five-year-old daughter to pray.  Her daughter asked, “What do I say, Mommy?”  Carol replied, “Just say what you always hear me pray.” 
So everyone bowed their heads and they heard, “Dear God…why did I invite all of these stupid people to dinner, tonight?”
Like this child, John exposes the truth about the Laodiceans being lukewarm in faith. The translation of the word, amen, is truth. When we conclude by praying “Amen,” we are saying that what I prayed is the truth and I mean it.  By capitalizing Truth in verse 14, John says that Jesus is The Truth.  He adds that Jesus is the faithful and true witness, the origin of God’s creation. 
When I imagine Jesus looking at me, knowing that He sees the truth about me, I face the reality of my self-deceit.  I cannot hide from it.  His exposing the truth about me means I do not have to hide anymore.  I see His grace wanting to heal me of my self-deceit and attempted deceit of others, wanting me to grow as the person God created me to be without the need for attempting to deceive anyone, including myself.  It is so freeing!


  • Describe a time in which you intentionally or unintentionally tried to deceive others by trying to impress them.
  • Describe a time in which you faced the truth about yourself and the refreshing healing that followed.


  • Discuss times in which you’ve tried to impress others so they will like you.
  • Discuss times in which you were glad you were truthful and sincere with others.
  • How might we be truthful and sincere with each other?

Most loving gracious Lord, you know the truth about me.  You know when I’m trying to impress someone.  You know when I’m not totally truthful.  Lord, help me be truthful, honest, and genuine in my walk with you through this day.  In your gracious name I pray. Amen.